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Environmental Tips for Kids

Our planet in a vast and beautiful place that we should be proud to call home. However, to keep the Earth beautiful, we all have to do our bit to keep it clean and healthy. Such habits should be learned from an early age and teaching your kids how to live in an environmentally way […]

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How to Teach your Children to be Environmentally Friendly

There is a new environmental consciousness sweeping across the world, which is good news for planet earth considering the negative impact of pollution in its varied forms. Water, air and the earth itself are all suffering due to pollution and there is no time to waste to save the planet. Everybody needs to adopt environmentally […]

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Saving the Earth Starts at Home

If you want to leave the planet a healthier place for your children and grandchildren, you really need to adopt greener practices in your own home. Like most “revolutions”, living a greener and more environmentally friendly life begins at home and there are numerous small but significant lifestyle changes that you can make to help […]

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Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Most people are aware that there is a mind-body connection, but they are not quite sure how it works. Indeed, the mind influences the physical body a great deal and vice versa. A healthy mind goes a long way in promoting a healthy body, and a healthy body can help stimulate the mind.

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How to Encourage Your Neighbourhood to be More Environmentally Friendly

In the past few years more people have become conscious about environmental and the need to take care and conserve the world in which we live. It is important to take responsibility for saving our planet Earth from the ecological disasters brought about by inventions as well as the waste created by humans. There are […]

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What Can and Can’t be Recycled

While everybody knows the basics when it comes to recycling, there are many everyday household items that can be either reused or recycled that you may not know about. Before you throw any old item in the waste bin, you should first consider if there are ways in which you can use it – you […]

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